More than 20 years of experience in film and video production put us in the right spot to handle the presentation of your architectural project with creativity and innovative esthetics. We do have in our CGI studio all the knowledge and tools to import, remodel, dress and light your construction to naturally looking scenes.

No need to keep permanent stuff specialized on rendering your models, we can do better for lower costs. No need to keep up with latest versions and yearly new software tools you will never have the time to learn, we will always be better trained and equipped with a complete studio of software solutions allowing much more subtle work steps than you would imagine, best possible graphic workstations and dedicated render farms. No need to invest in 3D objects to dress your scenes. We are perfectly organized from well classified object, plant and texture collections to prepared scene-set-ups. This is efficiency you cannot match.

With passion and complimentary cultural visions, our unique creative crew takes all challenges of styles and effects to invent visualizations costumed to your requests and needs. We completely master the 3D modeling process and can partner you to the most efficient processing for fast and cost-sensitive output. Our largely diversified experience in communication campaigns can supplement your style research objectives for fast decisions needed to address advertising prints, public tenders and competitions. Outsourcing to us can create your advantage.


First steps would be to understand the project and the ideal workflow. Tender deadlines, multiple usages of images, style continuity with corporate identity guidelines, budget limits... are ground conditions we adapt to. We can base our work on hand drawings, 2D or 3D models, and import from most standard software packages, including Autocad, Revit, Allplan, ArchiCad, MicroStation, over format exports like DXF, DWG, 3DS, WRL...
We choose the most adequate pipeline, deciding what is added in 3D modeling, and what is added in 2D|3D compositing postproduction for the best or fastest result, depending on your needs. Our material-texture selection and render engine are optimized for architectural high resolution, high quality global illumination realistic representations.


Compositing 3D-generated models into real life photographs, is a delicate skilled and tricky work. But it pays off, as nothing compares to actually seeing it as it should later look. Also, simulating vegetation, its states through yearly seasons, the effect of shadows and growth... can enlighten decision takers on undesired effects or persuade customers. The 3D model is an important workgroup tool and a powerful seduction media that has become omnipresent. And it is our professional commitment to master it.


An additional step to static models, and sometimes requested in tenders for urban design projects, are animated films, walk and fly troughs, appearing additional elements or transparencies or structural explanations. There is virtually no limit what a film can add up on demo effect. Our experience coming from film and advertising spots cannot be more adequate for creating an exciting experience through animation.


To allow even more tackling the public's play instinct, we can open you still another option: real time 3D, be it through interactive PC applications, digital signage or WEB-3D, we can create from your design game like virtual world simulations or interactive space-positioning of a model. This can be a very nice way to present an openly discussed urban design project to the wider public, instead of old looking plaster models nobody is allowed to touch!

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